The Promoter: ERD Foundation

Education Research & Development Foundation (ERDF) was founded by Mr. Mahbubul Hoque in 2005 at Guwahati, Assam, India with the aim to impart quality education. As such, the foundation has established a network of educational institutions from primary to higher education, across North East India within a remarkably short span of time encompassing a wider section of the society aspiring for education at different levels.

At present, ERDF has a student strength of over 9000 together in all the institutions under its umbrella with more than 20% of the strength being from the underprivileged sections of society who are enjoying freeship and other privileges. Today, ERDF has emerged as a premier educational network in North East India with an outstanding record of performance aiming for further expansion in the educational sector. The establishment of the University of Science & Technology Meghalaya in 2011 is the culmination of its journey to empower society ensuring education at all levels.

The Foundation has, since its inception, continuously engaged in hosting Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops on significant and relevant topics at both National and International levels. For the promotion of Research and Development activities, ERDF has already signed MoUs with several National and International organizations of repute.

In addition, the Foundation has launched a slew of other charitable initiatives, including free education for deserving students, scholarships, endowment funds, fellowships, emergency treatment and medical assistance for the poor, interest-free loans, awareness campaigns and rallies, street plays, relief drives, and so on. It has also set up a Centre for Educational Rehabilitation to take care of different strife affected students irrespective of caste or community to bring about peace, unity, and harmony through education.

ERDF has a strong determination to continue with its mission of spreading education to all nooks and corners of the region. It has the vision to establish a number of institutions for the uplift of education, especially in rural areas.