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Participation is the key to success – Sanjay V Malpe, Director, NPTI.


End is not just an end, it is a prelude to another beginning. Today was the last day of Annual Sports day which had been organized by Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Meghalaya at Techno City campus. The valedictory session of today’s program began with the welcome speech by Dr. P C Mahanta, Director, RIST and congratulated the winners. RIST organizes annual sports day every year to encourage the students to realize that sports is the only springboard through which they will be able to escape the drudgery of routine classes and thus to boost up the spirit for better performance in academics.
While delivering his speech, Mahbubul Hoque, Chairman, ERD Foundation had profusely lauded the students of RIST for actively taking part in sports and specially congratulated the winners of different games. “I personally and broadly speaking ERD Foundation always work for the all round development of the students and for that matter sports are the vehicle for building leadership quality, team spirit and a sense of integrity amongst the students. The amenity centre at techno city campus was resonated with wide applause and claps as he announced “One 5,500 capacity auditorium at techno city campus will be completed in the month of September and then our students don’t have to worry for the space for holding such program”.
Explaining the objective, Dr. Ajmal Baubhuiya, Registrar, RIST stated “Annual Sports day at RIST is being observed every year to make them realize that sports are not the sources of recreation or relief and a sense relaxation in a life of monotony of routine, rather sports will make them strong to face the miseries, hardships and hurdles in life. Sports lead to physical fitness, encourages the growth of team-spirit which is a dire need of the time”. .
Chief Guest for the valedictory Sh. Sanjay V Malpe, Director, NPTI, NER-Guwahti, Minsitry of Power, GoI while addressing the gathering stated “Participation is very important in everybody’s life and it is required in every situation in life, it is a first step towards success. I am so amazed to see the kind of enthusiasm that the students have shown by participating in sports. And I believe that they will learn to take decisions at the time of crisis and move ahead overcoming all complex situations”. A number 164 medals comprising gold, silver and bronze were given away to the winners of different competitions.




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