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Innovations and creativity leading to entrepreneurship is the need of the hour – Prof. Prasanna, Dean, R &D, IITG.


The inaugural session of 8th Convention of Indian Society for Technical Education held at RIST had kicked off today with the welcome speech by Dr. P C Mahanta, Director RIST and former Principal, AEC, Guwahati addressed the dignitaries present at the ceremony like Prof. L K Saikia, Chairman, ISTE, Dr. H K Barua, Director, Academic, Dr. U K Sangma, Executive Director, RIST & Dr. A H Barbhuiya, Registrar, RIST. He urged the students to explore newer avenues and continue with the activities that ISTE is taking up.
Prof. L K Saikia, Chairman, ISTE (Assam & Eastern States) clarified the history of its inception and its objective meted out for the benefit of the students and society as a whole.
At the end, vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. A H Barbhuina, Registrar, RIST expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the dignitaries and asked the participating students to enjoy their stay.
It was followed by the showcase of different competitions on paper presentation, model presentation, circuit making, robotics and extempore speech. The topic chosen for the circuit making was focused on aircraft functional monitoring landing system and the six group of students from different universities and institutes were shown busy for completing their circuit through coding system as fast as possible. A group of students made their individual paper presentation on various topics like Smart City, the role of Electrical Engineer, Sludge Treatment Process, Illegal Data Cloud etc. Each topic primarily shed light on different aspects of electrical or environment sciences and computer ethics etc. One of the student from Assam Don Bosco university responded “we want to show how companies do use illegal data bases and how it can affect our privacy”. Also a group of students displayed their model on subjects like Sea-Wage Collection Treatment & its distribution. The makers of the model, Riya Paul, Nipa Paul and Salma Begum explained “ we want to re-assert the necessity of 3Rs which means reuse, restore and recycle to make our environment more bio-diversity prone”. Another group presented their model on shell-structure and clarified “ its uniqueness lies in its specificities like light-weighted, capable of carrying impressive strength and holding heavy structure”.
The Convention ended with a speech by Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor USTM & Chairman, ERDF where he encouraged and congratulated all the participating students and asked them to use their innovative minds. All the engineering institutions of the region should work together for the effective career development of the students through a common platform, Mr. Hoque added. It was followed by the release of RIST TIMES. The winners of different competitions were declared. Chief Guest of the concluding ceremony Prof. Prasanna, Dean, R &D, IIT, Guwahati in his key note address urged the students to use their innovation and creation for embarking on entrepreneurship.

The winners of different competitions are given below:

Survival Robotics Competition : Don Bosco University
Group members are : Jerim Jose
                                    Davis Daimari
                                    Richard Arthur
                                    Gaurav Choudhury

ISTE C-Coding competition : Biswajyoti Klaita, GU

Extempore Speech : Upama Das, USTM

Quiz Winner : Ankur dutta & GROUP, Assam Engineering College

2ND Prize : Jotirman Bhardwaj, GIMT

Third Prize : Avishek Kr. Pandey, AEC

Paper Presentation : Swapna Bhuyan, Assam Don Bosco University

Circuit Design : Raju Ali & Bijit Kr. Das, RIST

Model Presentation : Arnav Das, Avilash Sharma & Indrajit Bhuyna, Assam Don Bosco University (first prize)




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