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  Students Code of Conduct


  1. Students must wear the approved college uniform on all working days.

  2. Students must wear their college ID cards in a visible manner at any time inside the campus.

  3. Students must ensure that they attend their theory and practical classes regularly. Absentees must submit leave applications duly signed by parents/ guardian/ hostel warden next day itself to the class tutor. Any late submission of leave application will not be entertained.

  4. Students must note that they will loose half-days attendance even if they are one hour late.

  5. Students must observe strict silence in between class hours.

  6. Students are prohibited from bringing mobile phones inside classrooms, labs, library, office etc.

  7. Ragging is a criminal offence. Any kind of ragging is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the campus.

  8. Students must not idle away their time in the veranda, porticos and staircase of any of the college buildings under the pretext of group study. Instead they should spend their free time inside the library and in their own class rooms.

  9. A separate room in the Main block is allotted to girls students. They are advised to utilize this facility in case they are not spending their free time in library or classrooms. Under no circumstances should they wander around inside the campus. Students in the ladies hostel must report at the hostel once the library hours are over.

  10. On holidays if there is no special class student will not be allowed to enter the campus without any legitimate reason.

  11. Classrooms will be closed within ten minutes after regular classes are over. Students are answerable to any staff member for their overstay in the campus once the college buses leave the campus. However during study leave respective class rooms will be kept open for group study from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

  12. Students must not use the facility at college canteen for reading writing, group study etc.

  13. Students must request the staff-in-charge of Sports and Games, N.SS, Nature club etc to supervise their activities inside or outside the campus.

  14. Students must get the consent of the Director before they plan to go for study/sight seeing trips. At least two regular staff members must accompany the students on tour.

  15. For Internal examinations students must occupy their seats five minutes before the scheduled commencement of examinations.

  16. For University examinations no student will be allowed to remain in the vicinity of the examination hall once the examinations begins.

  17. Any staff member, who finds students violating the above-cited code of conduct, will report the same to the class tutor who, in turn, will inform the parents.

  18. Any violations of code of conduct will be seriously viewed and will be punished.

Outside the college campus students must behave in a manner befitting to a student of engineering, there by upholding the dignity and pride of RIST. To have a serene, disciplined and model campus the students are requested to extend their wholehearted co-operation in implementing the above cited code of conduct successfully .



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