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  Code of Conduct for Boarders


Rules & Regulation (Both Girls & Boys)

All Students residing at College Hostel are required to follow the following Rules and Regulations, which may be amended from time to time.

  1. Each boarder shall have to pay an Admission Fees which is non refundable and one month hostel charge to be paid in advance. (to be intimated during the time of admission)

  2. If admission into hostel is made with accommodation provided on any date between 1st and 15th day of a month then hostel charges shall have to paid for the entire 15 days in full.

  3. The boarder who leaves the hostel permanently on any day of the hostel month shall pay full seat rent of the hostel.

  4. All boarders are required to pay their advance monthly rent within the first five days of new month. Otherwise Rs 50/- per day will be charged as fine.

  5. Mess dues are not required for the vacation periods during which boarders are not supposed to be in the hostel. But the seat rent, Electricity and water charges shall have to be paid for the vacation periods and holidays.

  6. No audio-video systems shall be played in the hostel or in the vicinity of the building that disturbs the environment both inside and outside the hostel.

  7. Smoking, Gambling, Drinking Wine and other alcoholic beverages are totally prohibited both inside & outside the hostel.

  8. Any border leaving the hostel has to sign the entry exit registered which will be in the warden�s custody.

  9. Boarders are required to return to the hostel latest by 7.30 pm. during summer and 6.30 pm. during winters.

  10. All boarders should rise up maximum by 6.30 AM in the morning.

  11. Allotment of rooms shall be totally at the sole discretion of the management.

  12. No outsider shall be allowed to stay at the hostel.

  13. Hostel resources are to be used properly according to the needs and requirements. Any misuse/ mishandling of hostel resources shall amount to penalty.

  14. Using of electrical appliances is strictly prohibited

  15. Usage of the Kitchen by the students shall not be permitted under any circumstances and neither shall the students can prepare their own foods.

  16. Boarders are ordered to keep their belongings at their own risk. Hostel authority is not responsible for missing of any item from the room.

  17. Any student intended to study beyond 11.30 PM should do so by using their own table lamp, so that other students are not disturbed.

  18. Students should not loiter in the college campus with their casuals clothings (such as shorts, banian, Lungis, sleepers etc) any one found guilty will be punished as per rule.

  19. All Students should take their Lunch & Dinner at the designated time with proper dress code. (no casuals)

  20. All boarders have to keep their room and surroundings neat and clean. Disciplinary action will be taken in case of defacing the walls or campus of the Hostel.

  21. Communication with the guardian will be made from time to time if needed for which the student may not be informed.

  22. Without written and physical appearance of the boarder�s parents/Guardian�s nobody can leave the hostel permanently.

  23. All boarders have to give 15th day�s prior notice to the Hostel Authority in case of leaving hostel before completing one year. He should give the rent of three months as compensation.

  24. If any instance of ragging is detected the perpetrator (s) will be penalized as per law.

  25. Grievances, if any, must be reported in writing to the Hostel In charge/ Chairman, ERDF.

  26. Visitors will be allowed to meet the boarder only on sunday between 3 to 6 p.m within hostel (visiting Room) premises itself.

  27. The local guardians have to be introduced to the hostel warden by the parents themself & authorized the same.



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